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padaun padauner berg skitour urlaub berge ferien wohnung tirol bauernhof gasthof
Padaun mountain with view on the Vennspitze.

The Padaun mountain (Padauner Berg) is a more unspectucular mountain. But because of this, you can find there your loneliness and can enjoy the day without people. The ride has similar values than the Vennspitze, which is the known ski tour mountain in Padaun.
In the beginning you follow the Vennspitz route. There is a small caldera right after the forest, there you have to pay attention for avalanches from the right side. Please keep close to the forest on the left side. In the second caldera, where there are no trees, you can search for a way direct or a little bit right up to the ridge, as there is no danger from avalanches. Once at the ridge, you follow the ridge to the right until the peak appears. As the Padaun mountain is right aside the Vennspitze, you can watch the ski tourists at the Vennspitze.
For the downhill slope, i would prefer to go as marked in the map (first north west). And when you are close to the forest, you might go down to the uphill track. There is a nice slope, but be carefull of avalanches.

walking distance peak: 2.5 h
ski tour total: 3 h
altitude difference: 630 m
difficulty: easy
remark: a very quiet, lonesome mountain, little avalanche risk

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