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padaun padauner berg sattelberg urlaub bauernhof

View from the Vennspitze and Rossgrubenkofel to the Padaun mountain, and Sattelberg in the background.

The Padaun mountain (Padauner Berg) is not a very spectakular mountain. But maybe because of this, you have a calm and quiet surrounding. Not many people go to that mountain. The mountain is in direction to Padaun quite flat. So you can also find ways through the forest without big difficulties. This mountain is in summer and winter time a good selection. You can follow in the beginning from Padaun the way to the Vennspitze trail 84 or you follow one of the forest roads. When you are up in the caldera you can go up to the ridge. There you go right to the Padaun mountain. I have marked in google maps also a second variant, so that you can make a round trip. From Padaun mountain you can go the flat way down to Padaun.

walking distance peak: 2.5 h
walking distance total: 5 h
altitude difference: 630 m
difficulty: easy
remark: a quiet mountain, where you find calmness, lonesome

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