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padaun padauner kogel gamseck urlaub ferien gasthof steckholzer ferienwohnung
The Gamseck right in front of his big brother the Padauner Kogel.

The Gamseck (small chamois mountain) is a very nice small tour for the evening. You start at the Steckholzer hotel to the Nosko hut. There you have to follow a very steep and narrow valley. There not a real trail visible. When you are at the end of this valley / channel you can pass to the right to the Gamseck. For the small time, you have a fantastic view. And because this is not a real mountain, you will enjoy it for yourself. If you are lucky you might see there also some chamois. This is a insider tipp, there is no mark for the way.

walking distance Gamseck peak: 0.5 h
walking distance total: 1 h
altitude difference: 160 m
difficulty: medium
remark: nice small hike with very good view for the height, insider tipp, lonesome

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